MG Owners' Club Members Area


Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. If your query is not covered here please do not hesitate to email us mginfo@mgownersclub.co.uk and we will respond by return.

Do I need to own an MG to join? The simple answer is no. We are here to help you avoid the pitfalls of buying a rotten MG. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are considering ownership. Our pre-purchase advice is FREE and on joining you will receive the latest copy of Enjoying MG with literally hundreds of colour MG classifieds which will give you an unrivalled choice of enthusiast placed advertisements.

What should I look for when buying an MG? In addition to our advice line, the MGOC have produced Buying an MG. A booklet which is essential reading for anyone venturing to buy an MG - especially for the first time. Packed with useful tips, it guides the potential purchaser around well known pitfalls and ways to avoid buying 'a wreck'. Price £3.95 or FREE on request when joining.

How Do I Join? You can join today online via our website  or call 01954 231125.

Being a new member, have I missed much of the published Technical information on my model MG? Not at all. The Members' Practical and Technical Tips Book contains all the best previously published hints and tips. It's packed with information, regularly updated and is available for just £4.95 to members. Order when joining at a special price of £4.50.

Where can I obtain parts for my MG? The Club despatches parts all over the world. Recommended Suppliers are featured in club publications and the members Sales and Wants columns are also an excellent source.

Do you arrange discounted MG Travel and Touring? We offer an unrivalled choice of travel opportunities with or without your MG. Explore the open roads of the UK and beyond. We tour around Eire, Northern France or Spain on a club weekend or longer holidays. See Enjoying MG or our Travel Club page for what's on offers.

Do you have a special members' insurance deal? Most certainly and this important benefit can provide you with a selection of different policies with Agreed Value. In recognising that Club Members are often the most enthusiastic, underwriters offer additional policy benefits and allow extra discounts. New Members can take advantage of the Club's insurance benefit immediately and can arrange membership at the same time by telephone (UK only)
on 0344 728 0448.

How soon can I start using the benefits? Immediately. Your membership pack containing everything you need will be posted to you by return. If you need spares, insurance or anything else you can call us now and we'll take care of the details over the 'phone.

Do you offer a recovery service or discounted Breakdown? Members' can save on GEM Motoring Assist. Full details can be found on members' partner discounts page of the MGOC web site.

Do you hold MG events and can I compete in my MG? Most weekends from Spring to Autumn see organised MG national and local events, club runs and shows. The Regional Roundup columns in Enjoying MG have members spoilt for choice. You can compete for concours or condition award trophies or you can race in the club championship. The rules are simple and attract members who race at reasonable cost without spending a fortune on making their cars competitive.

I live outside the UK, can you help me too? Most certainly! We have thousands of members living all over the world and we regularly feature local activities and international MG events in Enjoying MG. We offer a full export service on spares, accessories and regalia and serve members worldwide.

Can I visit the Club? You are assured of a warm welcome. The shop carries a full stock of spares, accessories and regalia illustrated in the Club catalogues and the coffee is free! A small but interesting display of MGs are always on view. Click here for directions to the MGOC HQ.

Does the Club have its own vehicle repair Workshop? Yes it does and it is based at the Club HQ in Swavesey near Cambridge. The workshop offers accident repair, complete body restoration, mechanical repairs, servicing and tuning. Our expert technicians are dedicated to looking after your MG to the high standard you'd expect.

Is there anything you don't do? For MG owners we cover just about everything that you are likely to need or want. The percentage of members renewing their subscription each year is very encouraging when an MG is sold, the new owner invariably joins. We are a dedicated, professionally run organisation and we can help you to run your MG for as long as possible and at reasonable cost.